Golden Mill Fibers takes on the Wholesale Market!

Golden Mill Fibers takes on the Wholesale Market!

Selling wholesale is like creating an entire new business complete with its own challenges and rewards. Our reason for giving wholesale a chance is the excitement of offering our yarns to a larger audience around the world, places you can now find Golden Mill Fibers yarns in person!! 


We offer a select number of colorways, that are repeatable dyes, on demand for your favorite yarn shops to purchase. We reserve the time to dye our wholesale yarns on a Made-to-Order basis allowing us to keep our on site yarn stock as fluid as possible and continue to create one of a kind collections for our website and in person pop ups. 


Our main priority with offering wholesale now is to reach you where you are. Purchasing online is a wonderful aspect of modern life but as a fiber artist myself I understand the value of feeling your yarns prior before purchasing. We love our local yarn stores and selling quality natural fibers to them helps keep these special stores in business. #shopsmall


You can now find a complete list of where to shop Golden Mill Fibers in person under the Stockist tab

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