What to do all Winter?

What to do all Winter?

As we walk into a new year ~ although it’s already February!! ~ I wanted to take a moment and appreciate the winter months. My natural dye business began in March 2022 with my first markets beginning in mid April which sparked the start of the GMF online shop as well. 


My small business grew as the spring flowers did, I began dyeing with whatever I could scrounge up in the still cold March months of Vermont. As spring progressed to summer I had a bountiful dye garden and am very proud of my first year growing Japanese Indigo from seed. While there are many things I look forward to in the coming summer season of 2023 I had a long winter ahead of me. When November hit the biggest question and strongest fear was: 

What to do all winter?? 

I began by reading, learning, watching as much as I could about sources of natural dye. I was ecstatic to learn that many colors can be found in the kitchens. I knew of avocados but was ready to explore carrot tops, pomegranate, onion and so many more! 


I had to move the dye pots indoors after a sad day of a skein frozen in a dye pot overnight. That alone was a bit tricky and required some planning. This winter has taught me to slow down. Patience has been one of my personal challenges after shifting from acid dyes to natural dyes. 

There have been very happy mornings, coffee in hand, spent by dye posts, twisting yarns, planning collections, and just enjoying every small detail of bringing the best yarns I know I can to the GMF shop for your adoption. 

I am quite happy to stand here in mid February, just after my most successful yarn adoption yet and be planning for the coming spring. We made it through the winter months, we thrived through holiday markets, you showed up and supported me through so much this year that my heart is so full of joy ~ THANK YOU.

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