Welcome, we’re happy you’re here

Golden Mill Fiber Studio is an artisan space located in Wells, Vermont. We love to create using natural fibers highlighting the ancient techniques of natural dye. We aim to  embody the feelings of a slow and meaningful life; a life filled with strong brewed coffee, candle lit evenings, home grown gardens, and well read stories ~ consider this your permission slip to slow down just be.



At Golden Mill Fiber Studio we highlight and amplify the materials provided by this Earth already abundantly available to us. We hold dear the qualities of natural wools and raw sourcing dye-stuff, we do not see the personal or global benefit to using and producing synthetic substances. We bring you naturally beautiful wools inspired by the shades of Nature herself.

Dye Process:

Each skein of yarn is hand processed in our Vermont studio using exclusively natural dyes. We use flowers, herbs, leaves, seeds, fruits, and more to create each individually designed colorway. Owing to variation in Mother Earth herself our skeins may be imitated but never duplicated. Our colorways take days to create and process, using and reusing water to reduce waste and fully exhausting dye baths, coaxing as much color from our materials before composting dye-stuff for next year’s gardens.  


Natural Dyes:

Natural dye is a term that refers to any coloring agent created from already occurring, natural to this Earth, material. Natural dyes are the most ancient form of creating color, cultures around the globe developed unique processes to extract dye from locally grown plants. Owing to this uniqueness and our own hand dye processes each skein results in slight variegation.